Our Vision

If you spend any time around North Colony Church of Christ you might over hear a group discussing the Campus. The Campus is a term we use to describe not an address or possessions, but the campus is a mentality of service in the Kingdom of God. NCCOC believes and is striving to operate in the spreading of the gospel and in ministry 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Everything we strive to do at NCCOC is through the lens of Healing, Helping, & Restoring. We believe the troubles of our community are not confined to Sunday worship times. It is important to reposition ourselves to serve the gospel and meet the needs on a consistent basis.
Campus Life
Imagine a place where ministry never sleeps or ceases. This is a place where you can come and pray 24 hours a day, and heavy hearts can be tended to. This is a place where families are not only prayed for, but can receive counseling and training to navigate through the pitfalls of life. This is a place where the gospel is not confined to a class, but a schedule where lessons are given 7 days a week with a strong online presence. The campus is a mentality and a place where you live and not an event or activity circled on a calendar. This is a state of being; it is a mentality that demands sacrifice. It is our goal that we meet the needs of our community not responsively but in a proactive way. If the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, then we can no longer have ministries that only prepare to minister to the few.
We as the members of God’s kingdom have not been called to rule but to serve. If the campus is going to be a reality, it will come through the willing hearts of servants. The selfless gifts of the servants of Christ will allow the reach of the “Campus” to connect to the hearts of men and change our community forever. Every person is valuable to Christ and in the Campus. May God bless our journey to providing fruit in His kingdom!