Worship Schedule

***In response to Covid-19, this is our temporary worship time until further notice.***
***Please wear a mask entering and exiting the building***

Sunday Worship

10:00 AM

The Institute

12:00 Noon

Wednesday Bible Class
7:00 PM


Here at the North Colony Church of Christ we are striving to spread the Gospel, the truth to all four corners of The Colony and beyond. The word of God is our ultimate guide and the final authority in everything we do. We are not here to have Church, but we are here to be the Church to the community and hopefully a friend to you. Our mission is to:


HEAL – Our purpose is to aide those who are hurting from the pain and agony of a sin filled life.


HELP – North Colony will extend its hand to all ages, races, backgrounds, and individuals needing a helping hand in a troublesome world.


RESTORE – The evil in this world has cast down many sincere people. It is our mission to restore what Satan has tried to tear down.