Our Two Wings Ministry is a ministry that serves our young ladies and women. There are many areas where they serve the community and needs of women. 


The Men’s ministry help our boys and men to develop into Christian leaders in all walks of life. 

Christian Parents Association

If you have a heart for children, then this ministry is for you. Christian Parent Association (CPA) is a collaborative effort between parents and children to educate them on walking with God. 


For every new member and Christian at North Colony, they will receive a warm welcome through the ministry of Engage.  This ministry’s goal is to watch and care for every soul that comes through our doors. 


This is the ministry for people with the gift of teaching. Come share your biblical knowledge with people of all ages. 


This Ministry is focused on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of The Colony and beyond. If you have a heart for souls then this it the ministry for you.